Tuesday, August 21, 2012

MWL - Layout of the Week

I am grateful for my work (altered notebooks) to be posted at MWL - Layout of the Week as of 19 Aug 2012... Thank you Aida :o)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Start

It has never occur to me that my resignation has caused a number of downstream impact to the team...a few more members have resigned after my act and their reasons to resign may not have caused directly by me but somehow, I feel that I’m kind of “responsible” for this since the "trend" to resign was started by me... The team has now strung from a 7 members strong team to 3 with 1 more on the way to resign.

Altered Note Pad

I thought I could let go of all the baggage after I have met my KPI by implementing the system successfully and as per schedule, but I can’t .. sigh … learning from my colleagues who are still serving their notice that my ex-boss is still unhappy about my resignation because after all I am one of them whom she has “handpicked” to help her to build the system/department.

Altered Note Pad
Regardless, I am grateful to my ex-boss who has given me the opportunity and her support and trust during my course of work; tomorrow will be a new start for me and I have told myself, mistakes made in my last employment shall not be repeated in my new assignment. I need to learn to manage and let go of things that are beyond my control more gracefully and not to take on the negative comments/feedback too personally nor to be too suspicious over things.

Life is short, is important to learn to let go and move on…


“Pick Up and Let Go in Perfect Ease – Let the process of picking up and letting go of things be a natural part of you.”

~ extracted from the Words of Wisdom from Master Hsing Yun

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