Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Handmade Cards - Chinese New Year Tag and Birthday Card

Thank you Aida - Made With Love ... the Chinese New Year Card and Tag I've created for my family and friends were featured in this week's "23 Jan - Layout of the Week"...It came as a wonderful surprise on the first day of Chinese New Year... :)

I've also created a Birthday Card for my mum whose birthday falls on the Chinese New Year's Eve this year...

We celebrated her birthday together with the Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner this year. She was surprised and happy over the Shou Tao/ 寿桃 (replaces the normal birthday cake) we have bought for her too this year :)

Hmm... shall try to model after this to craft some miniature .. :)


  1. Hi Ping, I love the roses on your mum's birthday card .. it is awesome!!
    By the way, where do you get the Shou Tao/ 寿桃 cake? Is this make of normal cake taste or the Chinese Lotus filled Shou Tao? Thought this may be a special one for mum's birthday too ~~ :-)..

    1. Hi Wellajoy,

      Thanks ! :) I bought the Shou Tao from Crystal Jade.. it comes with a few choices of different arrangement and sizes...