Saturday, March 24, 2012

Searching for a Peace of Mind...

Feeling miserable and stressed up these days. Project deadline is drawing near but the project vendor still can't pump in enough resources to work on the activities. I started to push the vendor harder but it does not seem to work much. Perhaps it is the difference between the working method and most importantly, the difference in culture..

Internal teams also can't seem to catch up with the speed and alot of time, I simply have to step in to close the activities even though they are not my key responsiblity.

My anxiety level went up as the delivery dates draw near. I feel kind of drained and exhausted easily. I started to lose my cool + got provoked very easily and complain alot too.

Somehow, this project has started with a wrong footing causing the difference in expectations. Scope and schedule remain unchange but instead of using the so called "out of the box" solution, alot of customisation now need to be done.

My expectation and quality control on work drop significantly.. we just have to go with the "imperfect" solution so that the project could be rolled out on schedule, on budget. Can foresee alot of patches and perhaps rework need to be done after the implementation... Well, that's life, I guess...

In order to strike a balance between work, family and personal life, and to rest my mind + to getout from the unhappiness accumulated from work, I gear my attention towards painting and handicraft work to find a serene space and peace of mind =)

I hope you will like my recent work listed and they will be available at "The Art Republic" from 1 Apr 12 ... Have a good week ahead...


  1. Hmm, your anxiety about work life seemed very similiar to mine two years back. That time worst as I have not diverted attention some where as my hobby was also my work :(. Luckily, I had a understanding boss who adviced me not to be perfectionist, and forgo the worries and pick up some hobbies ~~, that is how I started these craft work and other singing activities and taken up a different approach in my work life. I think you have good expression into the craft work looking at the refined pieces you've made. Hope you accept your job more lightly and move on with happiness and joy. Have a nice weekend too :))

    1. Thank you for your encouragement :)

      After much deliberation, I have decided to move on... because I am no longer motivated to go to work every morning and I guess I'm burnt out too having to "fight" for things to be done all the the time.

      Plan to take a short break before I start my new job and with the experiences gained, I have also learnt to take things easier...Looking forward to start afresh ! :)

      Enjoy the week ahead ! Cheerio :D