Sunday, June 3, 2012

Move On

April and May are tough months. I have faced alot alot of issues at work…and majority of them I just can't resolve within my own team but need co-operation from the vendors and other teams. After a lot of thinking and deliberation with myself/my family members/my friends, I've decided to resign from my current job and move on.
It is not an easy decision because I have joined this company with the enthusiasm to work on a new project that was assigned to me and my team, moreover, I’m only about 1.5 years old with them. But looking at how the things are managed here, I simply can’t agree and had numerous disagreements with the managers. The reasons given to me merely were because the teams here are small and therefore they do not have the extra "bandwidth" to accomplish nor to impose more processes and governance. I am totally disappointered and disagree with such excuses. I believe as long as the managers are willing to take the effort and first step to put things in right perspective, things could be changed and improved gradually.
My working comrades from my team are demoralised too because we simply have to handle a lot of ad hoc and so called “urgent” requests just because there's no plan, no scheulde and no one takes project delivery milestones seriously. And the expanded scope needs to be delivered together with the main project timeline...
Staying on may be seen as "Negative" and "In co-operative", getting out from the current will be the best way out…is kind of sad but I guess I do not have much options since staying here will not only make myself unhappy, it will also cause more damages to the relationship with the respective teams. Therefore, I have tendered my resignation in early May :); I am relieved and am a much happier person now. I will continue to see through the project implementation in Jul 12 before I leave this company... Is a short encounter - 1.5 years, but I have gained alot of valuable experiences and make a group of good friend => they are my team members whom we have gone through the "thick" and the "thin" and we share the same vision, working methodology...*Hey you know who you are !* Thanks for your friendship and support and do keep in touch ye ! :)
To keep myself up to beat, and to chase away the "blues" in last 2 months, I immersed myself in my hobby and I came up with a new series of home decor items which I name them "Mixed Media Mini Canvas"; they measure at 5cm x 5cm, 5cm x 7cm and 10cm x 10cm and the materials used include : Texture Paste, Glimmer Mist, Arcylic Paint, Stencils, Stamps, Pattern Papers, Embellishments (some are handmade) Have a good week ahead ! :D

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  1. Love your craft work. I will try to visit Beads & Crafts (as I am working at Suntec) to see the real thing. How to identify which are your work?